The Value of the Enneagram

Right after being licensed to practice, this was decades ago!, I saw a copy of a book on a colleague's desk. It had a complicated diagram on the cover. I inquired about the book and was told that it was about the Enneagram. It looked WAY too complicated for me at the time and I also thought I had enough arrows in my quiver so I dismissed it.

Years later I got involved in working with Richard Rohr who became one of my important spiritual teachers. He was insistent on my learning about the Enneagram but I kept putting him off. Finally, he convinced me to look into it and I did.  I was not successful in being able to determine my own personality type so I hired Enneagram expert, Judy Wilbratte in Houston, to help me.

Now, after years of living with it, I highly recommend it to others. It is perhaps the tool par excellence for psychological and spiritual growth.

To get started, if you know nothing about the Enneagram, download an app for your smart phone. The app is "Know Your Type: The Personality Mapping System." There is a simple test to take to aid you in determining your type.

Now, when Sherry and I lead relationship seminars, we teach about the Enneagram. It is an invaluable aid for couples as well.

There is going to be a conference on the Enneagram in Houston during February and I would encourage you to attend it. Clients of mine who went to the same workshop in Austin, Texas last year gave this conference extraordinarily high marks. You can find our more by going to the "events" menu item on the St. Paul's website -