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Dear Folks,

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with me, call 713-594-9180 or send an e-mail from this site.

If you have seen me or heard me speak, you know that I am always recommending books and resources for growth. One book that I am highly recommending is "The Book of Joy." It is a record of a week of conversations between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Do yourself a favor and read it. You won't be sorry.

If you would like to read about the pilgrimage trip I took during April and May, click on the link in the paragraph below. Information about the St. Nicholas Pilgrimage is found under the "About" menu item.

I want to let you know that the site for Ordinary Life has been completly updated and refreshed. It is a work in progress but very worth checking out. Click here to do so.

In addition to highly recommending the book, "Small Great Things" and the interview with Ruby Sales - both of which you can find on the resources pages, I want to recommend a relatively old book to read at this particular time in our country's history. It is called "Healing the Soul of America." You can read more on the resources pages.

There is a difference between morality and spirituality. I say what this difference is in a recent Ordinary Life talk. I also tell about the time my clothes caught on fire at a funeral. Check out the site by clicking here.

In Ordinary Life I offered a talk, "Finding Traction in Slippery Times." Check it out. No matter whether you were cheered or chagrined by the election outcome, please also read the talk, Dropping Keys for Beautiful Rowdy Prisoners and What's The Meaning of Life? There's Soup In The Attic, for a perspective on what people who are committed to spiritual and psychological growth can do to help shape the world in which we life. You can find it by clicking here

In a recent talk I offered in Ordinary Life, "The Power To Name 'What Is,'" I give my assessment about a way to understand what is going on in our country politically at the moment. Our population has an abundance of frightened people who feel treated unfairly and/or marginalized. Because the collective personality of the United States is a Three on the Enneagram, at least this is my opinion, knowing, hearing and speaking the truth is difficult. You'll find this post on the Ordinary Life website as well.

I have posted under "Resources" information about one of the most important films I've seen in ages. It is "The Mask You Live In." Please check it out. Since posting this, I have had numerous people, clients and others, comment on the importance of this film.

Also, the piece I mention below about the Enneagram is about how we get separated from our "true Selves." It is vitally important. If you are interested in how you became who you think you are and getting a "peek" into the True You, read the piece. No easy on many levels but so essential.

Also, the on the "Ordinary Life" website about my reflection on the Orlando Shooting is called "Learning to Tie Our Spiritual Shoelaces." Click here to see.

It is clear from either reading my writings, hearing me speak or working with me personally how I value the Enneagram as a tool for self-understanding and growth. I've posted some information under Resources for Growth that I encourage you to check out.

If you have listened to any of my Ordinary Life talks over the past few years, you have heard me mention a Franciscan Nun, Sister Dr. Ilia Delio. When I first heard her at a Center for Action and Contemplation Conference in 2014, she absolutely blew me away. She teaches an endowed chair at Villanova. He area of expertise is what I'd call "cosmological spirituality." I desired when I first heard her of bringing her to Houston. I thought I had one of those "six-degrees of separation" connections to make that happen but that fell through. We, meaning thirteen of us from Houston, went back to hear her last year. I approached her directly about coming and we have negotiated the time when that will happen. She is coming to speak in Houston November 19th and 20th. We will begin the registration process soon and notice about that will be posted here and also on the Ordinary Life website. I just wanted to give you a heads up here to save the date. Space will be limited and I expect the event to "sell out." 

One of the questions I get asked, usually in exasperation and usually about someone other than the person asking the question, is, "Do you really believe that people can change?" My answer is under the "Resources for Growth and Transformation" menu. Check it out.

There is on the "resources" blog, though you will also find this on one of the most recent Ordinary Life podcast pages, a letter I received from the Rev. Stephanie Warfield that offers a different perspective on the "fear and terror" talk that fills our airwaves. I hope this letter has the widest circulation possible. It is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Recent posts also include one about one of the most recent helpful book I have read, and it is one I am recommending to everyone: "Being Mortal." Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Thanks, be well and much love,

Bill Kerley 


When one reaches a critical point in life's journey, there is perhaps no more important decision than whom to choose as a counselor, teacher, guide and therapist.

Though my specialty is working with men in "mid-life crisis," I am open to discussing with anyone whether my experience and values fit with their life and heart's desires. 

My commitment in this important work, as it is in all that I do, is "customer satisfaction." I want those who utilize my services to get exactly what they are seeking.

I want to work with my clients in such as way as to make this piece of wisdom become a reality: The worst thing that can happen to a person is sometimes the best thing that can happen to a person.

I have consulting hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11 until 6, with my last appointment of the day being five.
To schedule an appointment call me at 713-594-9180.
My fees are $150 per session and I do not take credit cards.
If you would like to see if your insurance will cover any portion of my fees, please contact my practice manager, Phyllis Meyer, at 281-585-1179.

If you would be interested in seeing me for counseling. I will ask you to complete a “life history questionnaire.” You can download a copy of this questionnaire by clicking here.

For directions to my office click here

Spiritual Direction

"Among all my patients in the second half of life - that is to say,  over thirty-five - there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. It is safe to say that every one of them fell ill because he had lost what the living religions of every age have given to their followers, and none of them has been really healed who did not regain his religious outlook. This of course has nothing whatever to do with a particular creed or membership of a church." - Carl Jung

Those words found me when I was in graduate school and they have provided a guiding light for me ever since. Whereas in my counseling practice I seek to help individuals and couples resolve and solve the difficulties one inevitably encounters in life, when offering spiritual direction I collaborate with individuals to assist in the process of delving into the "what matters most?" kind of issues and questions. Here there is not so much a problem or set of difficulties to work through but, rather, a journey to take.

Unless someone has already read them, I usually start this journey by asking clients to read two books. These books are "Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life" by James Hollis and "SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence" by Cindy Wigglesworth.

I also ask individuals to keep a journal of their reactions to what they read and of their night-time dreams.

If such work is on your personal agenda, I would consider it a privilege to make this journey with you.

My office is located at 5501 South Main, Houston, Texas. 

This is the location of St. Paul's Methodist Church. My office is on the bottom floor of this building. Use the entrance off Main Street and park between the two main buildings in the "special needs" parking spaces. Come into the entrance nearest the fountain. The receptionist, located immediately to your left when you enter, can direct you to stairs you can take. There is a couch in the long hall where you can sit. Wait there and I'll come get you at the time of your appointment.