If you have engaged me to be your therapist, consulted with me for spiritual direction, heard me speak in some venue, read one of my talks from Ordinary Life, or heard one of the podcasts from iTunes; you are well aware that I am not only a big reader but also I am referring to books all the time as resources for personal and spiritual growth. I have begun a blog on "books for the journey" that you can easily access by going to this link.

In all of my work I continue to stress "spiritual solutions to life's dilemmas." When I use the word "spiritual" I don't mean "religious." I seek to find a path to walk that is both faith-friendly and religiously-neutral. In this regard I am honoring the tradition and teachings of Carl Jung. Check out the recommendations. If you go to the Ordinary Life website, you can easily subscribe to my weekly talks via iTunes.

If you are new to this site or to me, here is some information about who I am and what I do. Explore the site for resources that can offer strategies for your personal growth in all areas of your life.

Through counseling, speaking and consulting, I serve as a resource to individuals, associations and businesses in helping them to achieve outcomes they never thought possible.  It is clear from either reading my writings, hearing me speak or working with me personally how much I value the Enneagram as a tool for self-understanding and growth. I've posted some information here that I encourage you to check out.

In addition to my private practice as a counselor and spiritual director, I have been an instructor at Baylor College of Medicine where I taught "at risk" heart patients the beliefs and behaviors necessary to enhance and prolong their lives. I am past president of both the Houston Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the National Speakers Association, Houston Chapter. A great deal of my life energy goes into writing and giving "life talks" designed to contribute to individual psychological and spiritual growth. You can gain access to this talks, sign up for the weekly newsletter containing the text of the talks and/or sign up to receive the podcast of the talks via iTune. To do so, click here.

I like to think of myself as someone who knows the principles and practices that people can use to enhance and enlarge every aspect of their lives.