Welcome to my new space

I decided some time ago that my old web site no longer reflected who I am and what I do. I am a spiritual and psychological teacher and I work with individuals and groups. I regularly give "life talks" that are designed to help people live freer, more loving and more meaningful lives.

One of the ways I do this is by aiding individuals in achieving a different perspective and position to look at their lives, their circumstances and the world. As the picture below graphically shows, sometimes we think we are in prison when just a minor shift can show us the way to freedom. 


One of the metaphors I use for my work is that I am like a piano teacher. People come to consult with me to come to hear me speak because they either want to learn to play the piano or they want to learn to play it better.

Even if one found the best piano teacher in the world, just coming to the lesson, would not be enough. One has to practice. 

Consequently I offer a variety of "assignments" and suggestions for people to do between our times together. I recommend books to read and exercises to try. 

I will regularly post here ideas and suggestions for you to use, if you like, for your personal and relational growth.  

One of the features of my old site was a page of jokes and another of quotes I like. When I regularly sent out an electronic newsletter, I would include such. The entries were getting too unwieldy on the old site so here I will offer with each week's post not only suggestions for growth but also items - jokes, cartoons and quotes designed to contribute to our "moral obligation to be happy."

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back often. 


Much love, 


Bill Kerley