Where Do I Begin?

I am in the process of completely redesigning this website. I want to provide those of you who visit it tools and insights that are valuable to and for your journey.

I have removed all previous entries and am, as it were, starting all over as if from the beginning. So, where do I begin?

For decades now I have worked as a personal counselor and spiritual teacher. Though my training as a counselor has equipped me to deal with all sorts of situations, I have found myself over the years doing a lot of work with men and relationships in "mid-life crisis." As a male myself, I know both personally and professionally what it is like to make, or fail to make, the transition from the first to second half of life.

Many men, of course, do not make the transition well. The statistics about male well-being in this culture are not good. More men than women have issues with addiction, suicide, depression and affairs by a large margin. More men are murdered and commit murder, more men are in prison, more men are essentially "lost" than women. Why is this?

These are the questions and issues I assist men and their relationship in answering. The work is gratifying. If you are in such a condition of "mid-life crisis," I would be open to consulting with you.