Healing the Soul of America

The time was 1997. That's before the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. Many things have happened over the past twenty years. One of the people important in my own growth and development recommends a book that was written in 1997. It is "Healing the Soul of America." I wish I could make it required reading for every Americans no matter if that person considers him or herself conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, Independent or none of the above.

This is not a partisan book. It is a book that describes how we became the country we were in 1997. Most social and political commentators say that conditions have only worsened since then. Reactivity is at an all time high - at least in my life time. Where fear rules, judgment and anger rush in to fill the void. These are things that we do not want to allow to rule us - no matter what our political persuasion.

Please, read this book. It is not a long read but it is sobering, encouraging and practical. To say nothing about the fact that even written in 1997, it is still so timely.