Bucket List Morality

One of the people I see for spiritual direction sent me a link to an article in the New York Time by David Brooks. The article is excerpted from a recent book of his, "The Road to Character." Every day after that initial bit of information came into my life for days, at least once a day and sometimes more often, some one would contact me and ask me if I had seen that article.

Later that week I watched a television program I had recorded. It was part of Bill Weir's series, The Wonderlist. These are places Weir wants to visit before they are no longer available because of environmental changes or human abuse. One program was titled "The Island Where People Forget to Die." It is one of the "blue zones" in the world. A "blue zone" is a place where people live long into their 90's and beyond! The people who research such matters wonder why this is.

I wrote an entire talk on this and you can either read or hear it by clicking here.

Brooks says that there are two kinds of morality: resume morality - that's what we use to "get ahead" in life; and, eulogy morality - that's what we want people to say about us at our funerals. People who work to embody eulogy morality, interestingly enough, are also those who live the longest. Check it out.